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Purpose and Meaning in Military Service


Highlights from the webinar:

Find Your Voice

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Live Your Vision

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Latest Podcast Episode

Never Fight Alone with Chad Robichaux

Join us for a powerful conversation with Chad Robichaux, BCPC, MBA, a Force Recon veteran, best-selling author, MMA champion, and founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation. In this episode, Chad shares his incredible military journey, his battle with PTSD…

Latest Blog Post

The Power of Gratitude in Your Life

Written by Olga Antonyuk
November is National Gratitude Month. What is the meaning of Thanksgiving, gratitude, or giving thanks in your life? What does it look like for us today? The simple act of giving thanks can easily be overlooked in a world often bustling with the pursuit of progress and success. However, expressing gratitude is a powerful exercise that can benefit our well-being and the relationships we cherish. At its core, giving thanks is about acknowledging the positive aspects of our lives, big or small. It’s a conscious shift in perspective from what we lack to what we presently have. Research has shown that cultivating gratitude can increase happiness, improve mental health, and improve a positive outlook. Studies have proven that “Gratitude” has the incredible power to shift thoughts, br…

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