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Purpose and Meaning in Military Service


Highlights from the webinar:

Find Your Voice

Feel like people aren’t listening? We hear you!  We can help you identify your needs, solutions, and speak out when you aren’t being heard.

Live Your Vision

Get a helping hand or an encouraging word. Discuss your vision with one of our teams, and we’ll help you identify next steps.

Latest Podcast Episode

Overcoming Pain Pill Addiction Through Alternative Therapies with Mike Jeffers

Life after the military is a time when so many veterans struggle. Trying to manage the physical and emotional pain can feel overwhelming, and many veterans turn to medication and pills to help ease the problems. But that can lead to even deeper i…

Latest Blog Post

The Role of Peer Support in Suicide Prevention

Written by Sheri Shifman
“Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” CS Lewis  (38 Quotes for People in Recovery, 2023). Confronted with overwhelming circumstances, many people have struggled with depression and thoughts of ending their life. Their life experience, however, can be a brilliant light of hope for others in the midst of darkness. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center welcomes insight from individuals with lived experience. Leah Harris, MA, a suicide attempt survivor and trainer with the National Center for trauma informed care shared that “we are experts by experience as individuals who have lived with mental health conditions and have been suicidal” (Harris, 2018). The Suicide Prevention Resource Center also advised that a key to effective suicide preventio…

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