We bring help, hope, and healing to individuals, families and communities affected by mental health challenges, addictions, and disabilities in Southeastern PA.

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Feel like people aren’t listening? We hear you!  We can help you identify your needs, solutions, and speak out when you aren’t being heard.

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Get a helping hand or an encouraging word. Discuss your vision with one of our teams, and we’ll help you identify next steps.

Latest Podcast Episode

Ep 9: The Bodyguard – Overcoming Loss On And Off The Battlefield with Jonathan Bittner

Welcome to episode nine of Untold Valor. In this episode, we’ll be hearing from Army veteran Jonathan Bittner. Jonathan spent significant time deployed to the war in Afghanistan where he witnessed a wide array of difficult circumstances. Listen to…

Latest Blog Post

Untold Valor: Veterans Recovery In Action Podcast

Posted on February 22, 2023
Written by Valerie Melroy
How can we repay soldiers who willingly serve our country knowing they could possibly give their life for our dreams and freedoms? I don’t know how we repay that debt – to say thank you and/or provide honor on only two days a year (Veterans and Memorial Day) just isn’t enough. Voice and Vision desires to do all we can to honor, embrace, and show our gratitude ongoing to those currently in the military and to our veterans.  With that in mind, we announce our Untold Valor podcast. Untold Valor offers veterans a platform to reach other veterans with the message of hope, recovery, wholistic help, and community.   Voice and Vision’s support of veterans began with one veteran supporting another veteran 10 years ago. We witnessed how camaraderie between two veterans can bring such hope and…

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