We bring help, hope, and healing to individuals, families and communities affected by mental health challenges, addictions, and disabilities in Southeastern PA.

Purpose and Meaning in Military Service


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Find Your Voice

Feel like people aren’t listening? We hear you!  We can help you identify your needs, solutions, and speak out when you aren’t being heard.

Live Your Vision

Get a helping hand or an encouraging word. Discuss your vision with one of our teams, and we’ll help you identify next steps.

Latest Podcast Episode

The Courageous Call For Help with Bryan McCauley

Bryan McCauley is a Marine Corps veteran, former firefighter, police officer, and detective with a powerful story. As the director of the Heroes program at PA Recovery Center, he is deeply passionate about helping fellow veterans and first respond…

Latest Blog Post

All It Takes Is One Person

Written by Leesa Forst
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since its establishment in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has brought awareness to the challenges faced by millions of individuals living with mental health conditions and to celebrate recovery. As President Biden (2024) stated, it is also a time “…we recognize the bravery and resilience of the tens of millions of Americans living with mental health conditions, and we show our gratitude for the dedicated mental health professionals and devoted loved ones who stand by them every step of the way.” Voice and Vision’s mission aligns with this proclamation and is dedicated to eradicating stigma, extending support, promoting education, and advocating for services that prioritize the well-being of individuals and families affected by mental illness. …

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