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Purpose and Meaning in Military Service


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Find Your Voice

Feel like people aren’t listening? We hear you!  We can help you identify your needs, solutions, and speak out when you aren’t being heard.

Live Your Vision

Get a helping hand or an encouraging word. Discuss your vision with one of our teams, and we’ll help you identify next steps.

Latest Podcast Episode

Ep 20: Trauma, Faith & Recovery: Cheryl Gricoski’s Experience Navigating Life’s Challenges As A Veteran & Spouse

On Episode 20 of Untold Valor, we’re joined by Air Force veteran Cheryl Gricoski. Cheryl has the unique experience of being both a military veteran and the wife of a veteran. She candidly shares how her first marriage was affected by her husband’s…

Latest Blog Post

Awareness. Appreciation. Honor.

Posted on May 26, 2023
Written by Valerie Melroy
May is a month with over 100 celebrations, some for a day, a week, and some for the month. Here are a few: National Blessing Day, Wordsmith Day, World Hand Hygiene Day, Brain Injury Awareness Week, Deaf Awareness Week, Sign Language Week, National Anxiety Month, National Blood Pressure Month, and Older Americans Month. The 100+ are focused on categories such as awareness, children, culture, education, food, health, history, religion, and more. Two of the many month-long celebrations are linked to Voice and Vision’s passion and work: Mental Health Awareness and Military Appreciation. Memorial Day is significant to us also as a day to honor and remember those who gave their life while in military service. How can we individually and/or collectively participate in these important celeb…

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