25th Anniversary

Voice and Vision, Inc. owes so many people our gratitude because we have grown only through the support of staff, board members, individuals, families, volunteers, other non-profits, counties, managed care organizations, and various foundations. Thank you for all your wisdom, creative ideas, perseverance, faithfulness, advocacy, leadership, resources, and support. We count it a privilege to work beside so many wonderful people and organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania and are blessed to serve people who through tremendous struggles with many challenges are so strong and resilient.

Voice and Vision, Inc.’s journey began in 1997 with one service in Bucks County serving a few hundred people with a budget of $64,000, which was monitoring mental health services by gathering the “patient experience” from adults receiving those services. Now, 25 years later, Voice and Vision is privileged to serve thousands of individuals and families in Bucks, Chester, and Delaware Counties with a budget of over one million dollars. Voice and Vision expanded to offer monitoring services in other counties and with other systems such as intellectual disability and drug and alcohol services. Through Regional InReach, a program offered at Norristown State Hospital, and the Campaign of Hope, we also served adults from Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. We began offering peer support services and have helped more than 200 people attend college and certificate courses. Compeer – a volunteer friendship-based program recently expanded to also serve Veterans (CompeerCORPS).

The Family Advisory Committee spurred the idea of our Help and Hope Guide: From Families Who Have Walked the Walk. This official trademarked book series is on its way to republishing our first book and identifying the third book in the series. You can find a free copy of the book on substance use under our resource page. Our advocacy support grew and became its own program known as Family Advocacy Services. For several years, Voice and Vision worked in Chester County with Outreach & Education focused on people who are Black and African American and their access to behavioral health services.

To see Voice and Vision’s growth over the years and the various work we’ve done, please visit our Successes page on the About Us portion of this website.

Voice and Vision held a luncheon recently to celebrate all the great, creative work current staff and board members and previous leaders contributed over the years. The celebration was capped off with a strategic planning session on “What does Voice and Vision want to be doing in three to five years?” Wow, what wonderful ideas we gathered. So please stay tuned. There is much yet to be done, and we are up for the challenge!!!

Here are some pictures from our 25th Anniversary/Strategic Planning Event:

The strengths of the Board, staff, and previous leaders of Voice and Vision.

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