About Us


Our teams offer people the opportunity to be more informed about available services, connect to appropriate resources, and Voice their experiences and recommendations to improve services. Speaking out is both a right and empowering. We help people speak out through:

  • Participating in surveys, focus groups and interviews
  • Sharing their recovery/resiliency stories
  • Disseminating reports developed from the surveys to providers, managed care companies, counties and communities to promote change where needed


Our Support Services offer people an opportunity to connect to a peer or a volunteer who supports the person to do one or more of the following:

  • identify a vision of their future
  • develop strategies needed to achieve goals
  • overcome obstacles
  • live out dreams
  • build friendships
  • enjoy life

Who We Are

Voice and Vision employees are smart, innovative, kind, resilient, respectful, and welcoming people who also happen to have personal experience with mental illness, disabilities, and addictions. Through our strengths, creativity, and unique experiences, we lead the way in designing services that promote hope, incredible resiliency, and dreams of a bright future.

Our Mission

Voice and Vision, Inc. challenges the human service system and the broader community to value the gifts and strengths of all people and to see and hear that labels of mental illness, addictions and disabilities need not stop people from living out their dreams.

Our Philosophy

Voice and Vision cultivates the inherent strength in the human spirit.

Voice and Vision believes in the limitless possibilities within each person.

Our History

In 1997, Voice and Vision, Inc. became a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization under the name of BC-CST, Inc. The organization’s work began by conducting surveys with adults to see if they were satisfied with their mental health services. Throughout the following decade, the agency expanded its scope to also interview children, teens, young adults and family members impacted by mental illness, developmental disabilities, co-occurring disorders and addictions. Additionally, the focus expanded from only looking at satisfaction with services to also addressing resiliency and recovery outcomes, accessing services, and looking at overall quality of life. This “systems advocacy” process promotes change through taking the information we gather via the interviews and focus groups to insurance companies, County Officials, and others with influence in Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties who then incorporate our reports in their review process to ensure and/or improve the quality of services.

As the trend in services and supports became more recovery focused, mentoring and peer support services began to be highlighted and sought after. Our mentoring expertise was developed from the onset of the organization because the employees and volunteers are people who have personal experience with mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or addictions. In 2007, based on the organization’s history, growth, success and the need for continued expansion, we changed our name to Voice & Vision, Inc., which reflected our new corporate identity, mission, and expansion into offering mentoring services.

Today, Voice and Vision conducts surveys and focus groups in Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties and offers peer mentoring and support services in both Bucks and Delaware Counties. Please see our Services and Mentoring links of the website for more information about our work. Thank you.

Additional information about our history can be found on the Successes Page Link.

If you need help in any of these areas, contact us. We can help you find the help you need.

The Way You See

by Michelle T.

You will always believe that everyone can achieve.

You will never believe the phrase “don’t expect anything from me because I have a disability”.

You know the label is there, but it is about the people that you truly care.

To you a label will NOT be seen as something wrong, but our experience with it makes us strong.

You can see with more than just your eyes you can see from the inside. When it comes to things happening in people’s lives you want them to decide.

Your wait for this is long, and your belief in us is strong. You will always want to see that everyone has a chance to belong.

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