Voice and Vision has six full-time employees, 30 part-time employees and 64 volunteers. All employees and volunteers bring unique gifts and are highly valued for their contributions to the Voice and Vision mission. We introduce you to our leaders:
Valerie Melroy
The Co-founder (1997) and Chief Executive Officer of Voice and Vision, Inc. Valerie has a 42-year history of serving people who have mental illnesses, addictions and/or disabilities. As a social entrepreneur, Valerie has had the opportunity to develop and implement unique and creative services and programs that address the needs of youth, adults and families. Her love of people and desire to see justice and freedom implemented has taken her to various places in the USA and overseas. Both her Bachelor of Ministry and Master of Human Service Degrees helped to prepare her for the triumphs and trials of operating a non-profit organization. Valerie enjoys gardening and especially loves to spend time with her family including playing with her 12 grandchildren.

Karen Plummer
Associate Director/IM4Q Coordinator
. Karen has worked at Voice and Vision for over 14 years. She’s worked in all departments as well as developed and implemented the Family and Youth Connection initiatives, which are both focused on peer support and education. She created the Family Advisory Committee to engage the voice of families and young adults so that the child serving systems would better understand their needs and wants. Her latest adventure is the development of a comprehensive Resource Guide for families, which was published in June 2016.  Karen was educated in England where her focus was Business. She lived overseas and travelled extensively. Currently, she lives with her husband and has three children.  Her desire is to see that all people are accepted as people first and that their voice be the driving force in the development of their futures and the supports necessary to live a fulfilling life. She wants to see communities embrace this need and be part of the solution in creating support and acceptance.

Susan Benzie
Program Director of Satisfaction and Evaluation Services
. Susan has led the Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team (CFST) since 2002, while using the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy of Quality Management. Her primary role is oversight of the CFST as well as analysis and trending of the data gathered in both the CFST and Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) departments to assist providers, Managed Care organizations, and County entities in their quality management efforts. In 2012, the CFST program expanded to Chester County, and Sue provides support and oversight to the Chester County office as well. Sue is the mother of five children and has lived in many areas of the country and overseas. As a licensed Social Worker, Sue brings both professional and personal experience with the behavioral health system to Voice and Vision. Her vision is to see that services and supports are truly “strengths-based” and “consumer and family driven”.

Caren Noonan
Caren has worked at Voice and Vision for 14 years and is the College Plus Leader. She began as an interviewer for the CFST and moved into the peer support role when she became a Certified Peer Specialist. She’s worked extensively at Norristown State Hospital helping people embrace recovery and prepare for discharge. She was co-founder and developer of College Plus, which began in 2008. Under her leadership, more than 100 people have attended college or a certificate program, and every semester this number grows. Caren knows the challenges and victories of persevering through years of college a little at a time and now carries a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Degree from Temple University. Caren lived in many states in the USA and traveled overseas. She loves dogs, friends and family.

Mindy Bio
Mindy started with Voice and Vision, Inc. in August 2016 as a H.A.N.D.® Coordinator working with the College Plus students.  In September 2016, she accepted a position as College Plus Coordinator assisting with the daily College Plus activities.  She is also responsible for operational improvement and strategic growth of the program.   Mindy previously worked in account management within the healthcare industry and holds a degree of Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing. Mindy recently left a corporate job in order to explore other career opportunities, so she is passionate about helping others find their talents in order to define their ideal career path.  Her goal is to encourage and embolden others to push past the limits they place on themselves and help them see that they are able to accomplish more than they think.  Mindy loves spending time with her husband road-tripping, hiking and eating a variety of ethnic foods. 

Graham Sayles
Youth Outreach Lead
. Graham has been at Voice and Vision for over five years where he started on the CFST. He brings creativity, fun, personality and varied experience to the leadership team. As a young adult, Graham helps Voice and Vision to recognize and support the needs of youth and young adults and to help his peers identify and implement H.A.N.D. plans so they can develop and live out their dreams. Graham has been identified in Bucks County as a valuable contributor to the development and implementation of services for youth. He loves acting and finds creative ways to educate and share stories of resiliency and recovery with professionals, families, youth, young adults, funders and the community. Graham has an adventurous nature and enjoys exploring difficult terrain in the USA and overseas.

Kelly Frizen
The C/FST Coordinator for Chester County
, supervising a team of Field Staff Specialists. Kelly and her team have over 25 years’ experience advocating for themselves or loved ones in behavioral health. Her primary role is to drive the analysis, development and execution of surveys and measurement tools for the collection of consumer, staff, and professional perspective on behavioral health services and to report results back to the funders such as the County and Community Care Behavioral Health so that the people's ‘voice’ is heard as part of quality management initiatives. Kelly has a BA in organizational management from Eastern University and 25+ years of practical and business experience in training design and evaluation, product analysis, project management, and business management. She’s a married mother of two who resides in Chester County, Pa, and enjoys running, reading, and outdoor excursions. She says it is a blessing to work at Voice and Vision where there is a constant exchange of creativity, compassion, encouragement, and advocacy, all of which every person deserves.

Olga Bio picture
Program Director of Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia
. Prior to serving as the Program Director for the last five years, Olga served on the program’s Advisory Board. She been in a Compeer match herself for seven years.  Olga joined Voice and Vision in August of 2014 when Voice and Vision began providing oversight for Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia. As the Program Director, Olga interviews and trains all volunteers and matches each of them with an individual referred to the Compeer Program in one-on-one, co-equal friendships; she speaks to groups throughout Delaware County to recruit additional volunteers who can share their friendship; and she also plans several outings and events throughout the year for all of the Compeer Friends. Olga believes strongly in the program and has a passion for people recovering from mental illness. Olga holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing from Pennsylvania State University.  She enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and two children.  

Joined Voice and Vision, Inc. in January 2012 as the Office Manager and Human Resource Coordinator. She organizes and maintains all of the employee files and administers and conducts training regarding company policies to all new and continuing employees, independent contractors, and volunteers. She helps the office run smoothly and provides technical support for the network, phone and copier. She brings strong, valued gifts of administration and organization. Sheri has a Master’s degree in Biopsychology and comes from a background working as a clinical research associate conducting clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. Sheri is married with two teenage sons.