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The Mysterious Power of Giving Thanks

As I began to make plans for Thanksgiving, I found myself remembering what my life was like as Thanksgiving approached 10 years ago, and how the events of that time led me to develop one of the best habits I’ve ever had. My husband Bill and I were seriously talking about selling our house, quitting our jobs, and leaving the life we knew, to make a move of 4,000 miles to be near our elderly mothers. It was a scary proposition. There were so many uncertainties. Where would we live? Would we find...

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Tomorrow’s Troubles

When my mother was in her mid-fifties, about the age I am now, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. The specialist who gave her the diagnosis referred her to a psychiatrist, as he did whenever telling a patient they have an incurable, and possibly fatal, disease. My mother didn’t think she needed to see a psychiatrist, but being a compliant patient, she went. Once in the office, the doctor asked her if she knew why she was there. “Yes,” she said, “It’s because I’ve got some dumb disease.” The...

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Down Syndrome Awareness: Spotlight on Gretchen

Down Syndrome Awareness
For Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are featuring one of our Voice and Vision employees, Gretchen, and her mother Judy.  Gretchen is a team member of our IM4Q program. Along with her team leader, she interviews individuals with disabilities about their quality of life.   While Gretchen and I have not worked together, we met at one of the Voice and Vision, Inc Christmas parties.  She was impeccably dressed, cheerful, and exuded positive energy.   I couldn’t help but smile in her presence. I...

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Kaitlin Murphy Foundation Supports the Help and Hope Guide

Kaitlin Murphy Foundation supports Help and Hope guide
Voice and Vision, Inc. is excited to announce we received a $2,500 grant from Kaitlin Murphy Foundation to be applied to the cost of producing, printing and distributing the second guide in our Help and Hope series: Help and Hope – From Families who have Walked the Walk – Substance Use: The Growing Need to Know.  (You can read more about our guide here). Kaitlin Murphy Foundation lives up to its slogan: FIGHTING MAD and FIGHTING BACK Against Addiction.  They have...

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Celebrating Small Victories

I wish I were a perfect person. I’m not sure what a perfect person looks like—I’m pretty sure I’ve never met one—I just know it isn’t me, and it never will be. So, while I’m not trying to be perfect, I am trying to be better. If you’ve read any of my older blog posts, you may remember that I was seeing a counselor to deal with some anger issues. I’ve been honest about things that have set me off—and the regrets I’ve had after reacting to them. So now, in celebration of progress, I’ll tell you...

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