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Happy Birthday America!

Written by Valerie Melroy Happy Birthday America! Today we celebrate the birth of the greatest, freest nation on earth—the United Statesof America. The independence of this great nation came through much bloodshed, courage,perseverance, strength, and hope. We honor all those who fought for our freedom then as well as those in the armed forces who continue to fight to protect it now. On my mind today is a passage written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence; it is one...

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Toward a More Perfect Union

My family got together on Father’s Day. This was the first time we’d all been together, under one roof, in ages. We hugged and hung out without masks for the first time in almost three months, and it was wonderful. As much as I was looking forward to the day, I had also been feeling anxious about it. Recent events in the nation and especially right here where we live in South Philadelphia have had us all on edge. Not knowing what to expect from one day to the next has been exhausting. (As...

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Akua's son holding a black lives matter sign
Like most nights I went up to my bedroom to watch the 11:00 pm news to find that George Floyd had been murdered by overseers, you may call them officers, but I will not until there is change in this country. I sat in shock once again, devasted, deflated in tears. I didn’t realize my ten-year-old Sun had been also watching the news downstairs, and yes, I spell Son “Sun” because he is just that, my Sun. My Sun ran up to my room sobbing asking why this keeps happening! We cried together. I...

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George Floyd: You Did Not Die in Vain

Valerie Melroy with Pastor Hunt and his family
These past two weeks have been extremely difficult for people who are Black or African American and those of us who love and honor our brothers and sisters of color.  The horrific murder of George Floyd exposed more than injustice. As one of our Black co-workers said, the history of racism, fear, injustice, and inequality creates trauma that continues to be revealed through the actions of many people every day. Another African American co-worker expressed anger at the violent protests and looting...

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Never Underestimate the Power of Friendship – Carol and Mary

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year the main goal is to fight stigma, provide support, and advocate for support of people with mental health challenges and their families. A brief history about Mental Health Awareness Month. It has been observed in May in the US since 1949. The main purpose has always been to raise awareness and educate the public about mental illnesses. Raising awareness nationally will help reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness today. Compeer...

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