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9 Lessons From the Farm

riding lessons on a farm
Below is an excerpt of an essay by Maria Miller, sharing what she has learned from her daughter’s 10 years of riding lessons on a farm. When my daughter first stepped foot on the Gemmell farm she was small, but fearless. She’d already fought hard in her young life to sit up, stand, and take steps. I tell the story pretty often—that prior to her first riding lesson she could not navigate uneven ground or go up a step on her own, but after 2 lessons, stepped in and out of the barn, a 4-inch...

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Grant Funding = More Help and Hope for Our Community

Grant funding will give help and hope via Voice and Vision's Help and Hope Guide and College Plus program
We are pleased to announce that Voice and Vision received grant funding from two organizations in June.  What’s exciting is that we can provide additional help and, in turn, instill hope for additional members of our community.  The grants provide funding for our College Plus program and the soon-to-be-published Help and Hope Guide on substance use. College Plus Program College Plus received a grant from the Joseph Jocelino Gaskill Education Fund through The Philadelphia Foundation in...

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Tired but Wired

7 PM: The crab cakes are amazing—the best I’ve ever had. They have huge chunks of crabmeat in them, almost no filler, and are seasoned to perfection. My daughter and son-in-law enjoyed these delicious crab cakes at a restaurant at the shore; knowing we’d like them too, they splurged to bring some home to us. We thoroughly enjoy the meal and call our kids to thank them again. 3 AM: I’m still awake after climbing into bed at 11:30; I’ve dozed a bit, but never really slept. I realize my husband...

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Out of True

In my bedroom with my closet doors open, I stand between the two mirrors mounted on the back of the doors. I try on one outfit after another, but nothing looks right. I’m attending a baby shower in a few days and I want to figure out what to wear ahead of time, so I won’t be in a panic at the last minute. This decision shouldn’t be so difficult. When I was growing up, bridal showers and baby showers were informal gatherings, often held in someone’s backyard or living room. At those showers, women...

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Memorial Day: Honor Our Fallen Troops With a Moment of Remembrance

Memorial Day: Honor our fallen troops
Happy Memorial Day! I’m sure you are looking forward to the holiday weekend as much as I am. My mouth is salivating as I think of all the grilled goodies I’ll get to eat. I can’t wait to spend the days outside in the warm sunshine relaxing in the company of family and friends. My husband, son, and I may also venture down to the main street for the parade or attend a fireworks show. You probably have similar plans. The smell of grilled food, patriotic music, and the crack-pop of fireworks...

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