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May is a month with over 100 celebrations, some for a day, a week, and some for the month. Here are a few: National Blessing Day, Wordsmith Day, World Hand Hygiene Day, Brain Injury Awareness Week, Deaf Awareness Week, Sign Language Week, National Anxiety Month, National Blood Pressure Month, and Older Americans Month. The 100+ are focused on categories such as awareness, children, culture, education, food, health, history, religion, and more. Two of the many month-long celebrations are linked...

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Celebrate Spirituality

Right now, three major world religions are celebrating some of their most important holidays: Passover/Pesach- Judaism; Good Friday and Easter – Christianity; and Ramadan – Islam.  In less than a month, two other major world religions will celebrate holidays as well: Buddha Purnima – Buddhism and Ram Navami – Hinduism. Just think – billions of people in the world around the same time are celebrating holidays that help to shape their beliefs and traditions and relationships with their God and...

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Untold Valor: Veterans Recovery In Action Podcast

How can we repay soldiers who willingly serve our country knowing they could possibly give their life for our dreams and freedoms? I don’t know how we repay that debt – to say thank you and/or provide honor on only two days a year (Veterans and Memorial Day) just isn’t enough. Voice and Vision desires to do all we can to honor, embrace, and show our gratitude ongoing to those currently in the military and to our veterans.  With that in mind, we announce our Untold Valor podcast. Untold...

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Celebrating Michelle!

Voice and Vision, Inc. is excited to share the Spotlight section from the Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) January 2023 Announcement featuring one of our longest-tenured employees. This monthly announcement is distributed throughout the Commonwealth to statewide and regional Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) leaders, state IM4Q committees, and IM4Q program directors. We are grateful for Michelle’s decades of service and find pleasure in working alongside her. Michelle’s...

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Bringing Awareness – Recovery Through Friendship

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and National Recovery Month. Voice and Vision, Inc. attended four events during September to share resources and stories of recovery.  Our ongoing work through programs like Compeer and CompeerCORPS and our Help and Hope Guide focuses on spreading awareness about mental health, substance use, and suicide with the hope people will get help and support when needed. Suicide is highly linked to mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, bipolar, and...

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