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Stuck Inside

As I hunker down in my little house, “sheltering in place,” waiting for the coronavirus curve to flatten so life can get back to normal, I find myself remembering another time when I was stuck inside—for a very different reason. It was a winter evening; my parents’ friends, Bob and Penny, came over for dinner. It had been a rough day for them; it was the first anniversary of the death of their son. They came to our house to be with people who loved them and to try to get their minds off their...

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Sowing a Lasting Legacy

For the first 4 years of our marriage, my husband and I lived in old farmhouse that was converted into two apartments.  We lived upstairs and our entryway was the original front door.  Neither of us are ‘gardening’ or ‘plant’ people and being in a second-floor apartment kept us happily removed from maintaining the outside.   Each spring, however, we were surprised by the bright, cheerful daffodils that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  We’d get so busy with work and...

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Expect the Best: Prepare for the Worst

I’ve been thinking a lot about viruses lately: big surprise, right? As I was considering ways to protect myself and my family from the coronavirus, I remembered another virus, one that wiped me out a few years ago. It hit me at the beginning of January. I’d been burning the candle at both ends, as many of us do during the holidays, and I was feeling worn out. All I wanted to do was rest, but we were hosting our annual New Year’s Day open house get-together, and I didn’t feel like I had the...

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Hiram Rhodes Revels: First African American U.S. Senator

As I considered what to write about for Black History Month, I decided I wanted to spotlight an African American who had lived an outstanding life, but was relatively unheard of today. I found just such a person: Hiram Rhodes Revels. On February 25th, 1870 (150 years ago this week), Revels became the United States’ first black senator. Amazingly, this took place just 7 years after the Emancipation Proclamation set American slaves free.  Also amazing, he was elected in the South (representing...

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Black History Month – Meet Dr. Kia Everett

Dr. Kia Everett
Submitted by special guest author, Dr. Kia F. Everett, MHS,MS,LBS, who is the consultant for the Outreach and Education initiative at Voice and Vision, Inc. Black History Month is a time set aside for reflection and learning about African American history and the historical trademarks African Americans have contributed to make us all who we are today.  As an African American Female, it becomes very humbling when I think of all the opportunities afforded to me because of the hard work and...

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