2015 Highlights & Happy New Year!

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voice vision inc medium

Hello Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the holidays and are looking forward to a new year!  Voice and Vision has a lot to celebrate as we close out 2015 and enter 2016.  Please celebrate with us as you read some of the highlights of 2015:

•Our new website was launched – including this blog

•H.A.N.D.- Hope and New Directions became an integral part of College Plus

•The Bucks County Resource Guide – written for families by “Families Who have Walked the Walk”- was published in its final draft in November and will be released in early 2016

•Three new Board members joined the Voice and Vision, Inc. Board

•A reorganization brought clarity to the current goals and strategies and direction for the future

•Frustrated individuals and families finally found help as we connected each to treatment and support that met their needs

•Compeer moved its office to a much more suitable location

•Work expanded in Chester County, which included gathering data from youth on probation. The Chester County Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team conducted an extensive survey with 169 people focusing on why aftercare appointments are not kept after a mental health or substance use inpatient stay and what would increase the likelihood that people would keep their appointment (continue in treatment)

•The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team of Bucks County interviewed 74 youth and young adults about their attitudes toward opiate use, experience with treatment, and the supports they need to achieve or maintain their recovery. With the current heroin/opiate epidemic, this study was necessary, enlightening, and offers direction to funders and agencies providing treatment. 

•An evaluation was conducted of College Plus. How wonderful to hear the testimonies of students who reported College Plus was instrumental in their life vision and/career.   We also learned ways to improve the program.

•Three college interns contributed to the work, and each made an amazing impact

Voice and Vision is looking forward to 2016 and the release of the Resource Guide and the implementation of some new projects.  We are looking for new board members, volunteers and interns.  Please contact us if you are interested at mailbox@voiceandvisioninc.org.  Thank you!

Voice and Vision Board, Staff and Volunteers wish you a Happy New Year and a blessed, fruitful 2016.  

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