5 Quick Tips to Keep You Organized in College

Written on by Mindy Haas

It’s always thrilling to kick off a new school year at Bucks County Community College (BCCC) as we watch the latest batch of College Plus students pursue their goals.   While it’s an exciting time, it can also be nerve-wracking to add homework and classes to an already busy schedule.

So, as we like to do at the beginning of each school year, we are providing some advice to set our students up for success.  This time, we’re bringing you 5 quick and easy tips to stay organized throughout the semester.  Here they are:

#1 Keep a Planner

As a best practice, we recommend that you keep track of class times, appointments, and other due dates all in one place.   Based on your preference, you can do this via a paper planner or via an app on your phone.  I personally use the Google Calendar app and color code each of my commitments.  However, I hear good things about these free apps:  Planner Plus, myHomework, and Pocket Schedule.   (If you decide to give them a shot, let us know how they work out for you!)

Either way, be sure to plug-in all the essential dates right away, such as your class schedule, doctor’s appointments, and any personal commitments.   Then, add new assignments and tasks as they come up.

This article has some additional pointers to get started using a planner.

# 2 Find Your Rhythm

Once you have your planner set up, try to stick to a consistent schedule from week to week.  This will help you develop good habits and remember to complete tasks.

# 3 Review Your Schedule Weekly

Set aside about 10 minutes each week to review the upcoming week, either at the beginning or end.  Reviewing your planner at the same time each week will help you stay on top of your ‘to-dos’ for the week.

# 4 Utilize Colored Folders and Notebooks

An excellent way to keep your important class documents organized is by using different colored folders and notebooks for each class.   If you prefer a binder, coordinate the color of the dividers with the folders to easily keep track of which color represents which class.  Immediately place documents into the appropriate folder so you don’t lose them.

# 5 Tidy Your Backpack

Throughout your hectic week, your backpack is likely to get messy and disorganized. Take about 5-10 minutes each week to make sure you have enough pens, highlighters, calculators or other supplies you’ll need.  Make sure all your notebooks, folders, and books are placed inside, so you don’t forget to bring them to class.

I think these 5 easy steps are a great way to stay organized without adding additional stress.  Best of luck implementing them!

If you try any of these tips, I’d like to know how they work out for you.  Additionally, I’d love to hear your suggestions on staying organized.  Just shoot me an email at mindyh@voiceandvisioninc.org.

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