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Written on by Mindy Haas

This week, we have the pleasure of introducing our guest blogger Emily, who is a College Plus alumnus.   She has been a great advocate for the program and wanted to share how the support and encouragement has helped her narrow in on her career choice.  She is now transitioning from community college to Rosemont College and we are so proud of her achievements.  Enjoy!

Emily’s Story 

I had already knocked down one bar on the career choice meter. It was the year of 2014 that I decided to knock down another. Picking that career path was no easy task. Finding the funding for that choice was a different story all together. Like most of my career choices, I needed to give a little to gain a little. Yep, I’m talking about college.

I always loved learning. Which is why my career path choice was tailored to that love. Now for the funding. There was that and…. Another problem at hand. My last two ventures into the college world led me to my abrupt quitting, and soon financial debt. It also led to my grades plummeting. College was no easy task. It was a far cry from high school where I was a straight A student.

I needed to find a way to secure my career choice, jump start my education funds, and make sure my grades didn’t go back into the gutter. That was when I was introduced to College Plus. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I just put in my application, and said, ‘what the heck, anything’s better than what I got now.’  When I got accepted I felt very happy.   Almost like I accomplished something.  Little did I know then it would be the first step in my recovery.

After the application I was told they’d pay for my first class and books! My jump start fund! They advised me to take only one class. They knew this wasn’t my first time in the saddle. They also knew I might get easily overwhelmed, and quit before I even start.

There were groups every week. In these groups we didn’t just talk about school, but other things that might have been weighing on out minds that could affect the way we work. The groups helped me so much I made a note to continue to go even after the funding stopped.

It is now 2016 and I am still in College Plus. That being said, I am still in college. College Plus gave me the tools I needed, and the supports to make it through college. I am now going to be attending Rosemont College starting spring 2017. Even though I will be going there I was told I could still go to the College Plus meetings!

This program offers so much, and it offers so much to others. I’ve seen others flourish because of the jump start College Plus gave to them. I see them around college, doing well. I see all the wonderful work College Plus does, and all the joy they bring to the lives of the students.

College Plus brings hope, as well as resources to the table for the students involved in the program. The resources may entail things like the tutoring center at Bucks County Community College, as well as their disability services. These resources are sometimes not relayed to returning or transfer students by BCCC, but College Plus makes sure they get this important information to help their students succeed.

College Plus has a lot of success. Students will stay in school even after this program. They will continue their education with the realization that they can succeed. College Plus helps these students realize their true potentials, and helps them flourish. They certainly helped me flourish. I can honestly say that without this program many students may not even go back to school, or if they did they would pull out with doubts. College Plus is a beacon of light for these students and helps them shine all on their own.  

Are you a part of #GivingTuesday 2016?   Giving Tuesday celebrates generosity by providing people everywhere with the opportunity to give more, give smarter, and give great!  Find out more here.

This year, we have set an ambitious goal to raise enough funds to send five additional students to college in 2017 through our College Plus Program.  You can help us spread the word by sharing this blog, liking our Facebook page and inviting friends to follow us.  Be on the look out for more information on how you can give on November 29th

Photo by Karolina courtesy of Pexels.

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