Your Year End Gift Will Make a Happier 2018 for Voice and Vision Clients


For 20 years now, Voice and Vision has been an advocate for families and individuals with disabilities, mental illness, and addictions.  During this past year, we have seen some major success for which we are really proud.  Here are the highlights from 2017:

    • College Plus celebrated its 10th anniversary.   A peer-led initiative, College Plus has been a stepping stone into the college experience for 159 individuals with mental illness or co-occurring disorders. The students, like Lisa, continue to express gratitude for the opportunity we provide: “I was nervous going back to school, but College Plus gives all the support to go when you doubt whether or not you can do it.”
    • Compeer is up to 55 matches and 2 veteran matches.  Matching caring, trained volunteers with adults in one-on-one, same-gender, co-equal friendships, the Compeer program proves that the strong bonds of friendship can help people in mental health recovery lead happy, productive lives.
    • We distributed over 3,000 copies of the Help and Hope Guide. Aptly named, the guide provides families with information and support, helping navigate challenging situations and complicated systems to find the help they need.  Families with similar experiences offer insight into what they have experienced and found helpful.

With the variety of individuals we support, your contribution today will allow us to further our activities and bring resources to those who need it most.  We hope you’ll join us and provide financial support!

Warm wishes for your health and prosperity.   Happy New Year!


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