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Written on by Valerie Melroy

Voice and Vision, Inc. is excited to announce we received a $10,000 grant from Today, Inc. Foundation to be applied to the cost of producing, printing and distributing the second guide in our Help and Hope series: Help and Hope – From Families who have Walked the Walk – Substance Use: The Growing Need to Know. This guide contains at least six chapters written by experts from the “front lines” of the fight to provide a fundamental understanding of substance use and addictions and how addiction impacts families’ lives, while also sharing information about prevention, treatment, accessing services, and recovery supports. This guide, written in layman’s terms, will help readers to deepen their understanding of these areas and offer procedures, tools, programs, and resources to connect themselves and their family members to interventions that can HELP.

As with our first guide, this publication also features over 13 engaging, emotionally compelling testimonies from people who have indeed “walked the walk” supporting a family member, or as an individual with first-hand experience with substance use and addiction. These personal stories offer great HOPE to the reader. Printed copies of the guide will be released in December 2019.

Thank you Today, Inc. Foundation for this grant and helping us to get information to the public that we believe will help spare a lot of heartache for families and help save people’s lives.

We continue to raise funds for Help and Hope – From Families who have Walked the Walk – Substance Use: The Growing Need to Know. Please note: Secure tax-deductible donations can be given on our website. Thank you for your consideration and Help!

Pictured from left to right: Valerie Melroy (Voice and Vision, Inc., CEO), John Howell (Executive Director, Today, Inc.), Karen Plummer (Guide Producer) and Maria Miller (Guide Editor)

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