Job Openings in Delaware County, PA

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Voice and Vision, Inc. is honored and excited to be awarded the contract to provide an enhancement to previously offered Satisfaction Team Services in Delaware County through what is now called the Member/Family Satisfaction Team (M/FST). The M/FST will seek input from adults, youth, and teens who are receiving behavioral health services as well as from families of children, youth and young adults receiving services about recovery, resiliency, quality of life, satisfaction with services, and outcomes as well as other important areas related to County priorities.   As our website shows, we have been providing similar services in Bucks County for 20 years and Chester County for 5 years.

Employment and volunteer opportunities are available at Voice and Vision. The Delaware County M/FST will consist of an M/FST Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, and a team of Field Staff Specialists (interviewers). We are currently accepting applications for all positions.  Voice and Vision is looking for volunteer Board Members also.

If you are interested in employment or volunteer opportunities, please feel free to call Sheri Shifman, the Office Manager at 1-800-734-5665, ext. 200 or email  Thank you.

Please click on each position below to see the corresponding flyer for the job qualifications!!


Administrative Assistant

Field Staff Specialist

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