Mark Moyer Sings the National Anthem – A Dream Come True!

Written on by Sheila Garcia

Since the young age of five, singer/drum player Mark Moyer had a dream of one day singing the National Anthem in front of a large crowd at a sporting event. That dream finally came true on May 26, 2021, at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Game held at Coca-Cola Park Stadium in Allentown. Singing the National Anthem has been a high point for Mark this year, and it impacted him in many ways. Mark takes pride in being a talented singer and a good listener. He grew up in Pennsylvania and was homeschooled throughout his academic career. While being homeschooled, Mark enjoyed and played basketball and soccer. His focus during those years was singing and playing the drums. In 2008, Mark started a position at Voice and Vision as an IM4Q Monitor for Bucks County. He enjoys playing baseball, basketball, attending God’s Quest Ministry House of Freedom, and sporting events.

Mark singing the National Anthem

Sheila: Congratulations on being asked to sing the National Anthem at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Baseball Game.

Mark: Thank you, Sheila. It was an honor and exciting to be asked to perform for the IronPigs. It has been a dream of mine to sing the National Anthem for a long time. So far, this has been the highlight of the year for me.

Sheila: Tell me. What inspired you to sing the National Anthem?

Mark: Singing the National Anthem inspires me for many reasons. First, the National Anthem is my favorite song, and it is easy for me to sing because I know the lyrics. My favorite line is, “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” because it symbolizes freedom. It is a song sung by many popular singers; it is exciting to be a part of that. Second, I was inspired to sing and perform for my family who was able to attend and honor my grandparents who passed away a few years ago. Third, and most importantly, God, because he gives me strength during difficult times.

Sheila: Singing the National Anthem can be a difficult song to sing for many people. Do you have any tips on how to practice singing this song?

Mark: It was an easy song for me to perform because I sang from my heart and felt God’s presence. Here are some of my tips; pick a song you can sing from your heart, practice by listening to your favorite artist (I listen to Josh Groban’s CD’s and sing along with him. He helps me with the high and low notes), do breathing exercises by taking deep breathes and relaxing your voice. If you mess up, do not worry—keep going.

Sheila: Have you always been interested in singing? Was there a special performance that you saw that made you say, that is what I want to do? 

Mark: Yes, I have always enjoyed singing. I have attended many sporting events and I have always been moved by those who sang the National Anthem. It is something that I always wanted to do.

Sheila: What was the very first song you sang? Why?

Mark: The very first song that I sang at the age of five was, “God Bless America.” I picked that song because it is a good song and I like the lyrics.

Sheila: What music do you like to listen to?

Mark: I enjoy all genres of music. Pop, country, and classic.

Sheila: Who is your top 5 favorite artists?  Why those artists?

Mark: My favorite artists are Luke Bryan, Justin Bieber, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, and Charlotte Church. They have powerful voices that move me to be a better singer.

Sheila: If you could open a show for any musical artist, who would it be? Why?

Mark: I would like to open for Josh Groban because he has a great voice, and he is a good artist. My favorite two songs by Josh are, “You Raise Me Up” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It is my dream to someday sing with him in person.

Sheila: Do you have any other musical talent?

Mark: Yes, I play the drums. I started taking lessons a few years back, and I sometimes play at my church.

Sheila: Have you ever sung with anyone else?

Mark: No, I have only sung solo.

Sheila: Where else have you performed?

Mark: I have performed at my church.

Sheila: Did you have formal singing lessons?

Mark: Yes, I took voice and singing lessons for a couple of years.

Sheila: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Mark: I would like to sing the National Anthem at a Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball event. I am passionate about making a Christmas and Christian CD, try out for American Idol and do music tours. Someday, I would like to buy my own house, start my own business, meet a girl, and travel to Paris.

Sheila: Do you have any advice for those aspiring to sing the National Anthem?

Mark: Do not be scared—keep on going, do not stop. Follow your heart. I was nervous to perform in front of a large crowd, but my grandmother gave me good advice. She said, “pick a spot to look at and concentrate on that spot.” Singing the National Anthem is an awesome and cool experience that anyone who aspires to sing this song, should.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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