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Our blog this week is written by guest blogger Emily Vincent.  Enjoy!

The idea is that people are all Public Worthy until we try to be somebody we aren’t. The idea of Public Worthy applies to all of us. Public Worthy is primarily viewed as what does the public want, and how do they view us? It also applies to how you want to be viewed. Something you may not be aware is that the world is more inquisitive about people who do not fit the status quo.

People will get most questions about their clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry, and life if they do not fit “normal” standards. These questions are not negative ones, but rather inquisitive ones. “What do you do for a living? Where did you get your hair done?”

It’s that differences which draws in others. That individuality is what people seek out. What happens when you strip away what makes you you? You are left with normal, boring, and plain. Some people have the false idea of what Public Worthy wants from the public’s eye. Public Worthy wants excitement. There’s no excitement in being plain.

People who fail to see what Public Worthy really is may grow frustrated and lash out at those who have figured out what Public Worthy really is. In this article, you will learn what Public Worthy really is and what to do with it.

While above I talk a little bit about looks and personality, these are just two components that make up a person. Looking at all the components that make up a person is what Public Worthy does. It looks at them from the public’s eyes. When you go to a concert do you want to see someone standing still, mumbling, doing basic beats on the instruments or would you want to see elaborate outfits, dancing or fast movement, beats that you can move to, and a singing voice that you can sing along to? Now tell me which would you rather see? Just because we are not musicians doesn’t mean we don’t follow the same rules. We need to have a strong voice, we need to move to our own beat, and we need to dress how we want to dress.

Some smaller components of Public Worthy are work, public gatherings, friends, and family. These components encompass many of the public aspects of our lives. The false idea that we have to be normal to appease these parties comes from those that are giving into the false idea themselves. Many of the people that have the right idea about Public Worthy find that these parties embrace them for who they are.

Public Worthy is the idea of being yourself in the public’s eye while gaining acceptance. The goal is to be true to yourself. Do what you want to do. If something doesn’t feel right in your soul than it’s probably not right for you. If you begin looking out than in it’s time to change your view. You need to be looking in, not out. Who we are is so precious. There will be people that try to knock you down, but that is because they failed at being Public Worthy. People like that become miserable. They see other expressive people and wish that they could do the same. Don’t ever give into this false idea of Public Worthy. Remember, you are Public Worthy by being your creative, spontaneous, colorful, expressive, and beautiful you. Most importantly, being yourself makes you Public Worthy.

Artwork also by Emily Vincent 

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