Top 10 Blogs of 2017


Can you believe its 2018 already?  Where does the time go?  Every year, I ask myself these questions as I look back on the milestones and life events that shaped the year.  This week, I’m taking this approach with our blog to see what resonated most with our readers.  What I’ve compiled is the top 10 most read blogs from 2017.    I hope you enjoy revisiting these favorites as much as I have!

# 1: Shaped by Sorrow by Kathryn Lerro

Kathryn shares the story of loss and how the sadness provided a “heightened appreciation for simple, joyful moments that can only come from having experienced the saddest ones.”

#2: Reality of Escapism by Amy Wilson

Guest blogger Amy tells of her struggle with running from issues instead of dealing with them.

#3: Ordinary Beauty by Amy Wilson

Another favorite by our guest blogger! She tells how her young son allows her to better appreciate the small details of life.

#4: Don’t Take It Personally by Kathryn Lerro

Kathryn urges us to take the time to understand where others are coming from.  This post is so relevant to considering the today’s political climate!

#5:  Words to Remember by Kathryn Lerro

Kathryn writes endearingly on the sage words her mother left behind for her.  As someone who has lost a mother as well, I was particularly touched by this post!

#6: A Kind and Upright Life by Kathryn Lerro

Kathryn reflects on the life of an elderly aunt and determines it is worthwhile to live a kind and upright life.

#7:  Finding Gratitude in Grief by Mindy Haas

The biggest event for me in 2017 was losing my younger brother. In this blog, I share how I am processing that grief.

#8: A New Resolve to Not Resolve by Mindy Haas

Written at the beginning of 2017, this blog is still relevant for me in 2018!

#9: The No Make-Up Day by Kathryn Lerro

It can be difficult coming to terms with growing older, but Kathryn explores how a new perspective helped her gain acceptance.

#10: The Girls Next Door by Kathryn Lerro

Who doesn’t want a Ginny and Dolores in their lives?  I loved hearing about Kathryn’s aunts and how they influence her life!

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