Untold Valor: Veterans Recovery In Action Podcast

Written on by Valerie Melroy

How can we repay soldiers who willingly serve our country knowing they could possibly give their life for our dreams and freedoms? I don’t know how we repay that debt – to say thank you and/or provide honor on only two days a year (Veterans and Memorial Day) just isn’t enough. Voice and Vision desires to do all we can to honor, embrace, and show our gratitude ongoing to those currently in the military and to our veterans.  With that in mind, we announce our Untold Valor podcast. Untold Valor offers veterans a platform to reach other veterans with the message of hope, recovery, wholistic help, and community.  

Voice and Vision’s support of veterans began with one veteran supporting another veteran 10 years ago. We witnessed how camaraderie between two veterans can bring such hope and healing. In 2018, the Compeer program added the CompeerCORPS model to create one-to-one friendship matches between two veterans with the purpose to support and enhance overall wellness, promote community connections, and help veterans overcome feelings of loneliness, fear, and isolation. Once again, we witnessed the healing power of camaraderie at work. Untold Valor is Voice and Vision’s newest expansion to honor and serve veterans.

Untold Valor supports veterans as they share their perspectives on what it is like to battle mental health challenges, combat addictions, and overcome other adversities unique to those who served. Veterans also reveal that the courage, strength, and camaraderie they had while on the battlefield are some of the most important weapons they continue to use as they fight difficulties related to returning to civilian life. Voice and Vision believes listening to and understanding another person’s experience contributes to truly offering help that helps and not help that hurts or retraumatizes the person. Although the Untold Valor podcast is primarily focused on veterans reaching other veterans, we also hope people who want to better understand, honor, help, and/or support veterans in a greater way will listen to the podcast too.

Voice and Vision honors and appreciates every veteran and veteran’s family member for their great courage and openness in sharing their stories on Untold Valor. Each story is unique and inspiring. We also thank the professionals who are giving their time and information to help veterans with their recovery journey.

Voice and Vision is grateful also to all who contributed to the development and production of Untold Valor:

  • Third Wheel Media for their professional podcasting services and providing Marc Killian who is a co-host of Untold Valor.
  • Michael Harper had the idea to start a podcast at Voice and Vision called Fill the Glass, which gave us the inspiration to start a podcast focusing on veterans. [Both the Fill the Glass video podcast and the Untold Valor podcast will be on separate playlists on our YouTube Channel in the near future.]
  • Delaware County Department of Human Services Office of Mental Health for the contract to expand CompeerCORPS services and to support more veterans through outreach, information, and connections.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs for giving us a Veterans’ Trust Fund Grant to financially support Untold Valor.
  • Those behind the scenes who are helping to bring this podcast together (Ebony Walker, Olga Kobb, Rev. Ben Nelson, Tim Harper, Ashley Hughes, Sheri Shifman, Brian Peat…).

We also thank YOU for listening. We will be releasing four to five episodes of Untold Valor each month through May, which can be accessed on our website and popular podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, IHeartRadio, and more. We ask you to please share Untold Valor: Veterans Recovery in Action with your family and friends. Thank you!

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