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This time of year is a time many people think about giving to charities.  Some people hope to get a tax break, some give because they feel strongly about the mission of the charity because they have some personal connection, some give because they want to “give back” and hope to make a difference in others’ lives.  Individuals give for different reasons.    

From Greater Good Magazine of UC Berkley, they relay 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You* with some research to back it up.

  1. Giving makes us feel happy.
  2. Giving is good for our health.
  3. Giving promotes cooperation and social connection.
  4. Giving evokes gratitude.
  5. Giving is contagious.

We at Voice and Vision enjoy giving!  Every year during the holiday season and in the spirit of giving, the employees like to make contributions or donations somewhere in the communities we serve.

Gifts of Hats and Scarves
Hat and Scarf2
Hat and Scarf1

This year the Delaware County and Chester County employees’ donation came from their hearts and their hands as they literally MADE the donations. They have been busy knitting hats and scarfs to donate during the HUD’s Point-in-Time (PIT) count. The PIT count is when people volunteer to conduct a one-night count to identify both sheltered and unsheltered individuals and families who are homeless, including estimates of the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness. The purpose of the count is to estimate the size of the population in need of housing and supportive services.  Hoping to help warm up some folks with a smile and a gift, a few of the employees are volunteering to help with the count this year and will distribute these scarves and hats to individuals they meet.

The employees working in Bucks County donated items needed by Christ’s Home Children’s Services in Warminster. We had our recent Team Day meeting in their new Community Center and got to know the organization a little. The vision of Children’s Services at Christ’s Home is to serve neglected children and youth. Their Children’s Services provide a stable, caring home built upon Biblical principles while meeting the educational, medical, emotional and social needs of children. They serve children from birth to age 18. In many cases, children experience a sense of family life and a loving home for the first time.

Christ’s Home provided us a list of immediate needs of the youngest children and general needs for the cottages where everyone lives, and Voice and Vision employees brought in diapers, wipes, clothes, towels, kitchen items, and many other much-needed items.

Christ's Home Donation

From the board and staff of Voice and Vision, Inc., we wish you and yours a very
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year!

Photo by Monika Stawowy via Unsplash

*Resource: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/5_ways_giving_is_good_for_you

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