How Voice and Vision Staff Care for Their Mental Health

Written on by Mindy Haas

At Voice and Vision, mental health is important so we encourage each other to practice techniques that reduce stress and promote wellness.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, some of our staff shared their tips for maintaining their mental health. Perhaps you’ll find one or two that might work for you as well!  Enjoy.

Making Friends and Walking

#4mind4body friendships and walking
Walking is great for mental health.

“Making friends [is one way I take care of my mental health]. [Before], I was a self-isolator for many different reasons. I didn’t work or have any community or volunteer activities. I realized that I had to make a change after my Mom passed away. I needed to fill my life with people that I cared about and people that cared about me. A few months passed, and I received a mass mailing about a job opening at a place called Voice and Vision. I called right away and started working in October. I have never looked back. My life is so full because of the great friends that my co-workers have become and how supportive Voice and Vision is to work for. Living with a son with Autism is hard to manage but much easier when you have people in your life that understand what you are going through.

I am also addicted to walking for relaxation and health. I am not walking a 12-minute mile. I am walking to relieve stress and become healthier, both physically and mentally. My secret weapon is audiobooks. If I find an amazing book on Audible it makes walking so much easier. I don’t let myself listen to the book at any other time, so I have to get walking to find out what happens next.”

Candles and Relaxing Music

“I play relaxing music and light a candle while working to help alleviate stress.”

Faith, Humor, Self-Care and More

“Laughing my way through everything. Prayer and faith in God. Staying involved in church. Hanging out with my grandbaby! Reading self-help books and articles. Joining support groups on social media.  Spending time with friends. Allowing for self-care, like baths, massage therapy, etc.  Spending time with others whose lives are harder than my own.  Enjoying a menagerie of pets.”

Faith, Positivity, and Walking

Spirituality has a positive effect on mental health.

“My faith plays a huge part in my mental health, so prayer and Bible study are essential to me. Knowing that I can lift all my burdens to God does wonders for anxiety and stress!

A nice long walk also clears my head and cheers me up when I’m in a funk.   Lastly, I like to practice positive thinking and gratefulness.  Whenever a negative thought pops in my head, I catch myself and change it to a positive one.  If I become discontent about some aspect of my life, I make a list in my mind of the things I’m thankful for.  It really helps shift perspective!”

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