Welcome to a New Year- 2021!

When contemplating what to write for the new year’s message this year from Voice and Vision, Inc., I looked back at 2020 and pondered the difficulties and all the blessings the Voice and Vision family experienced.  A few of the difficulties: some co-workers were on furlough for part of the year, teams navigating the coronavirus rules and policies and virtual work mandates, and a few experienced the coronavirus either for themselves or their family.   

The blessings far outweighed the difficulties: We

  • talked with more than 1,000 people about their service experiences and needs
  • helped more than 20 students make it through virtual college classes
  • served veterans and others with peer/volunteer support and began offering Compeer and CompeerCORPS support groups virtually
  • reached out to over 2,000 people regarding the mental health and substance use needs of people who are Black or African American
  • started the HEAL initiative with youth
  • served more than 50 families through the Family Advocacy Center
  • delivered our first virtual conference: “Get Up Off of That Thing” (please see our Youtube Channel to watch the conference)
  • produced and released our second Help and Hope Guide called Substance Use: The Growing Need To Know
  • developed many new relationships and partnerships   

In the midst of everything, we moved three offices – successfully.   The best blessing of all is the Voice and Vision family itself, who supported each other with creativity, kindness, and hope.

Thinking about 2021, I wanted to submit a proclamation blessing to all our families, friends, readers, partners, funders, donors, and supporters.   May your 2021 be full of HOPE and PROMISES:

H = Healing in every area needed: body, soul, mind, spirit, emotions,  finances and relationships.

O = Overcoming power: to go through trials, hardships, and suffering with fortitude and endurance.

P = Peace: A peace that passes all understanding.

E = Expectant heart: clinging on to and pursuing your dreams and vision.

F = Faith: in a Higher Power who will lead, guide, and sustain you each day.

U = Unity between ALL people.

L = LOVE: the greatest of these is love.  That love will be the foundation of all our relationships and work.    

Thank you to each of you.  Voice and Vision is here to help, so please contact us.  We look forward to another year together.  God Bless!

Voice and Vision Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSCI6YseOtk3Qm-TMxsPUQ

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