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I’ve been feeling fearful lately. A small snowball of anxiety (I can’t even remember what the initial worry was) seems to have triggered an avalanche of dread. I find myself going about my day, talking to someone about something harmless like what I might want for dinner, when I become vaguely aware of another conversation taking place in my subconscious; voices mumbling about something bad that’s about to happen. If I stop what I’m doing to address the voices, sometimes I can hear what they’re...

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No Pain, No Depth

The first days of January every year are days I plan to fill with productivity. On my list of New Year to-dos are things like returning to the gym with fresh determination, putting holiday decorations away and tidying the house for an orderly segue into late winter and early spring. There are household projects, forgotten during the holiday months, now needing to be readdressed. This year’s project is new trim around the upgraded bathroom door my husband and I installed—last summer! There are...

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