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The Bubble Man

Sometimes I miss seeing sky. Living in the city has benefits (if it didn’t, who would live here, right?) but seeing sky is not one of them. From my South Philly rowhome I can only see the sky if I stand right next to a window and look straight up. And that can make me feel a little hemmed-in, a little claustrophobic. That’s how I was feeling last week, and Bill was too. We realized we hadn’t spent a night outside the city in over a year, so we decided to take a little weekend road...

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Another Way For 8 Minutes 46 Seconds

Martin Luther King, Jr.
I was a young assistant public defender assigned to the one of the busiest courts in the country, handling pretrial hearings for homicides, robberies, drug dealers, and assaults.  The courtroom was always packed with victims, police officers, and the relatives of clients who were sitting next to me in handcuffs. Part of my job was to address bail so defendants could be released from jail pending trial.  Throughout the day, I would call out to a packed courtroom, “Anyone here for...

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Weird Al Saves the Day

Remember the kids’ book, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day? Well, I had one of those last Wednesday. I hadn’t slept well the night before. There may have been MSG in the wonton soup I had for dinner—that always keeps me awake. Or it may have been the upsetting news I received at the dentist’s office. (Apparently the roots of a molar were damaged when I had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago. And now the tooth hurts and may have to be removed . . . very upsetting...

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Coatesville Barber Shop Event

welcome table
On September 12, Voice and Vision partnered with Bookman’s Barber Shop, Willy’s Family Restaurant, and Krispy Krunchy Chicken to offer an afternoon of free haircuts, food vouchers, and information on mental health, substance use, and recovery in Coatesville, PA.  Professor Darryl set up his sound system to fill the air with music, featuring a prominent bass, and to allow Ben, Raymond, and John to tell their stories of recovery. Montreal, the intense poet, added his voice with change-inspiring...

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Reluctantly Planning a Corona Quilt

Bill and I went to one of our favorite farmers markets last weekend. It is clean and relatively quiet, and populated by lovely, polite people. It has very little in common with the farmers market of my youth, which was like a farm stand, a flea market, a circus and a bikers’ rally all rolled into one. I have great memories of that one, but it doesn’t exist anymore, and I like things a bit more peaceful now anyway. . . . We enjoyed a fried fish dinner at our favorite spot and spent some time...

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