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Hit by the Hot New Crime: Catalytic Converter Theft

Two weeks ago if I had seen someone’s legs sticking out from underneath a car, or if I’d heard the sound of a power saw coming from under a car, I’d have thought, Gee, I guess this person has no other place to work on their car. Then, one morning when my husband started our car to come home after work, he realized something was very wrong. The normally quiet engine was now VERY LOUD, and was not running smoothly. It only took our mechanic a few seconds to diagnose the problem; he knew...

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Staying Healthy

Trying to stay healthy has taken up a lot of my energy over the past year. Obviously, I didn’t want to get COVID (Well, duh!), but if I did end up getting it, I wanted it to be a mild case and be over quickly. My husband, Bill, swears by zinc to boost immunity. He’s been taking it for years. When he was training for his Air Force career, which included lots of foreign travel, a physiologist gave a briefing on ways to stay healthy while working in far-flung places around the world. The...

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Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care While Caring For Your Child with Special Needs

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Are you a mom caring for a child with special needs? Do you find yourself constantly exhausted? Do you experience bodily aches and pains? Are you feeling burnout or overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. When you are a caregiver to your special needs child, it’s easy to overlook your self-care and put all of your time and energy into their needs—day after day. My healing journey began a few years ago when I realized that I couldn’t be my son’s supportive mom and caregiver if something didn’t...

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Missing People

Writing hasn’t been easy this past year. I haven’t written much, and most of what I have written has felt forced. I thought it was the stress of living in “The New Normal.” I thought all the scary things the past year has served up, swirling in my brain, had rendered me unable to focus. I’m sure that has been part of it. But I recently discovered what my bigger problem has been. . . . I miss people. I had a routine colonoscopy last week. (I say “routine” because I didn’t need...

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Celebrate Black History Month

During the month of February, we celebrate every Black and African American who has significantly changed history. This month, and every month of the year, it is important to recognize excellence and celebrate the accomplishments of Black and African Americans. Whether these actions be big or small, some way or another, they helped pave the way for freedom and success. There are so many famous Black and African Americans who influenced history, yet it is important to remember and recognize those...

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