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Love One Another: A Leadership Series

Today, Voice and Vision is launching the first in a series of leadership initiatives to encourage understanding, awareness, and action around reforming education, healthcare, and criminal justice.  This Leadership Initiative Series explores the Tri-System:  the various pathways in our schools, healthcare, and criminal justice system, which can contribute to success in life or a failure to reach potential.   Common themes along these pathways form the individual topics of this...

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Reading Your Own Obituary

What if you clicked open your news feed one morning and saw your name there . . . . . . followed by your own obituary. You might pinch yourself to make sure you hadn’t died without knowing it. And then you’d probably keep reading to see what had been written about your life. What if you didn’t like what it said? This actually happened to Dr. Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. He opened his newspaper one morning, and there it was—the announcement of his death. (His brother...

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Serenity Now!

When times are hard, laughter is—as the old saying goes—the best medicine. I can always count on the Seinfeld show to make me laugh. If I come across an episode while I’m channel surfing, I can’t help but watch it to the end. Some of the Seinfeld episodes I find the funniest are the ones that feature the late Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza. Frank is loud, often obnoxious, and is always coming up with off-the-wall schemes: including ideas for new businesses, new holidays, bizarre inventions,...

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Welcome to a New Year- 2021!

When contemplating what to write for the new year’s message this year from Voice and Vision, Inc., I looked back at 2020 and pondered the difficulties and all the blessings the Voice and Vision family experienced.  A few of the difficulties: some co-workers were on furlough for part of the year, teams navigating the coronavirus rules and policies and virtual work mandates, and a few experienced the coronavirus either for themselves or their family.    The blessings far outweighed...

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Happy Christmas

Such a difficult year. So much out of the ordinary and out of our control. As I tried to get excited about Christmas, I wondered: How could Christmas be as it should be, MERRY, when almost nothing in 2020 has been as it should have been? Merry /ˈmerē/Adjective 1: full of gaiety or high spirits 2: marked by festivity or gaiety Festivity? Gaiety? High spirits? At the close of a brutal year? It felt like too much to hope for. But then my daughters had a bright...

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