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Overcomers: Living (Joyfully!) With Multiple Sclerosis

Growing up in the South Bronx, Michelle had an idyllic childhood. Her free time was spent with friends: roller skating, going to the pool and the beach, walking across the bridge into Manhattan. Life was filled with possibilities and every day was a new adventure. At the age of 14, however, Michelle began having difficulty walking. Her knees would no longer bend fully and instead of bending forward, they began bending backward. One day at the beach, as she walked across the sand, she felt as though...

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Frozen Feet

On New Year’s Day my friend Sue and I went back and forth about whether we felt like going to the Mummers’ Parade. (If you aren’t familiar with this event, it is a 116-year-old tradition involving approximately 10,000 people, dancing and/or playing instruments, while wearing wildly elaborate costumes—truly a unique piece of Philadelphia culture.) My husband and I live very close to the old parade route, close enough that we used to hear string band music inside our house throughout New Year’s...

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2015 Highlights & Happy New Year!

Hello Friends, We hope you are enjoying the holidays and are looking forward to a new year!  Voice and Vision has a lot to celebrate as we close out 2015 and enter 2016.  Please celebrate with us as you read some of the highlights of 2015: •Our new website was launched – including this blog •H.A.N.D.- Hope and New Directions became an integral part of College Plus •The Bucks County Resource Guide – written for families by “Families Who have Walked the Walk”-...

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Overdone: How Surrendering One Thing is Making My Season Brighter

I sat down a few weeks ago, planning to write a story about thankfulness, to be posted in time for Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to writing it because thankfulness (being more thankful) is something I’ve been working on lately. I thought I’d mention the gratitude journal I’ve been keeping and how I’m nudging myself to look for the “up” side of every situation. (To be honest, I can’t always find an “up” side, but I keep trying!) I wanted to write about how thankfulness has made me a happier...

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