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The Importance of Family Involvement

I recently completed an internship with Voice and Vision, which has been such an incredibly insightful and rewarding experience. I had the privilege of working alongside intelligent and compassionate individuals throughout my time with this agency. I acquired more knowledge and perspective about mental health and substance use disorder than I ever thought possible as a first-year intern. The following blog is written to share what I have learned throughout this past year regarding the...

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An Invitation to a Free Webinar – “It’s About the Journey: Supporting Our Children with Autism to Live Their Best Life”

This blog below was written one year ago by guest author, Jennifer Halberstein. She is a Team Leader on the Voice and Vision, Inc. Independent Monitoring for Quality team. See her bio below. We are reposting her blog as she is speaking on Voice and Vision’s upcoming Webinar – “It’s About the Journey: Supporting Our Children with Autism to Live Their Best Life” on Thursday, April 29. You are invited to join Jennifer and Sheila Garcia as they discuss: Shifting...

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Hit by the Hot New Crime: Catalytic Converter Theft

Two weeks ago if I had seen someone’s legs sticking out from underneath a car, or if I’d heard the sound of a power saw coming from under a car, I’d have thought, Gee, I guess this person has no other place to work on their car. Then, one morning when my husband started our car to come home after work, he realized something was very wrong. The normally quiet engine was now VERY LOUD, and was not running smoothly. It only took our mechanic a few seconds to diagnose the problem; he knew...

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Staying Healthy

Trying to stay healthy has taken up a lot of my energy over the past year. Obviously, I didn’t want to get COVID (Well, duh!), but if I did end up getting it, I wanted it to be a mild case and be over quickly. My husband, Bill, swears by zinc to boost immunity. He’s been taking it for years. When he was training for his Air Force career, which included lots of foreign travel, a physiologist gave a briefing on ways to stay healthy while working in far-flung places around the world. The...

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Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care While Caring For Your Child with Special Needs

Are you a mom caring for a child with special needs? Do you find yourself constantly exhausted? Do you experience bodily aches and pains? Are you feeling burnout or overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. When you are a caregiver to your special needs child, it’s easy to overlook your self-care and put all of your time and energy into their needs—day after day. My healing journey began a few years ago when I realized that I couldn’t be my son’s supportive mom and caregiver if something didn’t...

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