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Family Engagement: Joining Your Loved One on The Path to Recovery

On January 20, 2022, Voice and Vision, Inc. will host What is Family Engagement?, a webinar to share the latest in best practice for family involvement in recovery. The webinar will provide an opportunity for family members and others to ask questions related to this very positive message: family engagement in recovery results in better outcomes. As evident shown in the responses to our question in the graphic above and the many family members who provided content for Help and Hope—families WANT...

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A Chance to Grow

As I sit reflecting upon the completion of Help and Hope: From Families Who Have Walked the Walk, Substance Use: The Growing Need to Know, I realize it is exactly three years from when it began. It has been, from front cover to back, a daunting task. Never on a project have I been so pulled, so stretched, and so driven, to complete a book—to stand for those who courageously shared the most difficult moments of their lives—with integrity. As the book emerged, one topic, one story at a...

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The Uber* Driver

My husband took me out for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was an interesting night, even though it didn’t go quite the way we’d planned. We went to a Cuban restaurant in Center City. The meal was fantastic. We started with a sampling of three different varieties of ceviche (Bill makes his own ceviche, so we had to try theirs for comparison). Then I had braised short ribs over a bed of seasoned rice with little bits of fried plantain thrown in for crunch. It was delicious, and I probably ate more...

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