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The Girls Next Door

I never planned to live in South Philly again. I lived here for a few years after Bill and I married. It was not a good fit for me, and Bill was ready for a change, too. When he began his military career we were both happy to relocate to a suburban setting. We bought a lawn mower and never looked back. But 25 years passed and Bill’s mother’s health was failing. Time and time again Bill took emergency leave to fly here to be with her as she faced yet another health crisis. My own mom was faring...

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The No Make-Up Day

I had a birthday recently—my 56th. Not a milestone. No zero in it. Not at all traumatic—even though I am now officially closer to 60 than 50.   All-in-all, it was a fine birthday. Celebrating another year of my life reminded me of something kind of funny that happened to me a few months ago . . . It was a rainy day. Shopping was on my agenda—the kind of shopping that would have me in and out of the car all day. I got up, got dressed, styled my hair then got sidetracked by little tasks around the...

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