Tag: Aging

Settling In and Letting Go

I’m happy to report that my Aunt Bo is getting settled in her new home. To clarify: her body and belongings are settled there, but her heart and mind are still processing the change. This move (into assisted living) is likely to be the last move she’ll make before she leaves this earth, and something about the finality of it has made for a hard adjustment. Her move was planned for February 25th—the day after my birthday. So, after getting home from my birthday dinner, my family went next...

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Things Are Changing

Things are Changing. Returning to South Philly was never my dream, but living next door to Bill’s aunts, quite unexpectedly, made being here worthwhile. After moving in, I quickly realized that if Bill and I weren’t here, Aunt Ginny and Aunt “Bo” (the nickname Bill gave her because, as a toddler, he couldn’t say “Dolores”) probably wouldn’t be able to continue living independently. Not that the things we do for them are huge or heroic, but we are there for the little day-to-day things—like...

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