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5 Ways to Combat College Anxiety

Did you know that 1 in 5 college students suffers from anxiety?  It’s true.   The number of students seeking treatment for anxiety has steadily increased year-over-year since 2013.  Depression, also on the rise, follows as a close second.  At College Plus, we have personally found this to be true.  Most of the students we support cite anxiety as one of the challenges of attending college. So, what’s to be done about it? Know the Cause of Your Anxiety First off, it’s important to determine the...

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Underpasses: Finding Moments of Peace in the Storm

I’ve never liked driving in the rain. I’ve always found it to be very stressful. Ever since the day I was driving home from high school and the driver ahead of me (also a teenager on her way home from school) suddenly stopped to make a sharp turn without signaling. I was following at a safe distance (one car length for each ten miles of speed—yes, I  paid attention in Driver Ed Class!), but when I applied the brakes, my car hydroplaned into the back of hers. For the first time in my young life...

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Of Facebook and Falling Trees

My husband and I decided we needed to breathe a bit of fresh air last weekend, so we escaped the city and took a quick road trip. We drove to Doylestown, where the highlight of the day was a tour of Fonthill Castle. The castle was built in the early 1900s by Henry Mercer, a man of many talents who had a particular obsession with tile. His quirky castle home has tiles everywhere, many of which he made himself, others he collected during his world travels. Some tiles depict historical scenes, some...

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Become an Expert Conversation Starter

My husband is one of those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone.  He learns the life story of the guy-Vinnie-at-the-pizza-place in the five minutes it takes to pick up our dinner.   For me, it does not come so easily. As a college student, I was the person who sat uneasily at the beginning of class while everyone else (seemingly) chatted away with ease.  While I smiled politely and said hello, my brain would then draw a blank. How could I connect to this person I knew absolutely...

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The Power of a Peer: How a Friendship is Changing the Way I See Myself

When my daughters were growing up, our family watched a lot of Disney movies. (And I do mean a LOT of Disney movies!) I’ve missed most of the newer ones in these years between children and grandchildren, but I was channel surfing one day when I happened upon Enchanted. It was just starting and it drew me in, so I kept watching. Like many Disney movies, this one includes a prince in its cast of characters. Although this prince is handsome and sings like an angel, he bumbles a bit and is not terribly...

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