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A Change of Perspective About Autism

Jennifer Halberstein
This blog was written by guest author, Jennifer Halberstein. She is a Team Leader on the Voice and Vision, Inc. Independent Monitoring for Quality team. See her bio below. When a family member is diagnosed with Autism, so much information is thrown at you all at once.  Supports, services, IEPs, waivers, and therapies are just a few of the words that you will hear.  Doctors talk about deficits and limitations.  Schools talk about specialized settings and modified curriculum.  When...

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Overcomers: A Peek Inside a Life with Autism

A Life with Autism
During Autism Awareness month, many organizations share facts and statistics about autism as part of their campaigns.  I like this and I learn a lot from it, but I’m not always good at remembering them.   And I think that’s ok. Don’t get me wrong.  The facts and figures are great for raising awareness.  However, I believe a true shift in perspective occurs when one gets to know the stories of the families and individuals behind any given cause.  I’m also more...

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Autism 101: The Basics

A colorful autism awareness puzzle background with wood texture illustration.
Since April is autism awareness month, we wanted to do our part in bringing awareness.  Here are some basic facts about autism you may not already know.   A Brief History of Autism Swiss psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler first used the term autism in 1911 to describe a subset of his patients, who he believed to have schizophrenia.  It means ‘isolated self’ and derives from the Greek word ‘autos’ (self).  In the 1940s, psychiatrists began to use the term to describe children...

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Overcomers: Parenting Multiple Children with Special Needs

The term “special needs child” is commonplace these days. It’s likely we all know someone who has a child with special needs. It’s understood that parenting a child with special needs is a huge undertaking and a labor of extreme love—the thought of parenting more than one of these unique children at the same time, however, is mind-boggling. Recently, I met Anne*—a wonderfully upbeat woman who has three children—all of whom have “special needs.” As if coping with her children’s difficulties was...

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Overcomers: Parenting a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome

blog overcomers
Amber had never heard of Asperger’s when she realized something wasn’t quite right with her then three-year-old son, Taye.  Their pediatrician repeatedly told her not to worry; but as a mother, Amber knew better. She spent the next three years scanning the Internet, trying to figure out why her son was so different from other children. When she heard someone mention Asperger’s on a TV show, she immediately went to the computer and searched for the symptoms. What she read made the pieces...

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