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Master Difficult Conversations: Part 2

Two weeks ago, we talked about mastering difficult conversations. To summarize, we said the ability to navigate difficult conversations starts with you.  You must become aware of your reactions, be accountable for your own actions/words, and stick to your goal for the conversation. These help to ensure a favorable outcome.  (If you missed it, we recommend you go back and read it before continuing). So now that you are better prepared for the conversation, how do you handle interactions with others...

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Master Difficult Conversations

Recently, I’ve had to give not-so-positive feedback to a person close to me. I dreaded it. I could feel my heart palpitating, the knots twisting in my stomach, and my palms sweating.   Do I really need to have this conversation? I asked myself. I would prefer NOT to do it, but deep down I knew it wasn’t an option. If I said nothing, the resentment would build up inside me until it burst out in some unhealthy way.   But how could I say it without alienating this person? What if they didn’t take...

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Become an Expert Conversation Starter

My husband is one of those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone.  He learns the life story of the guy-Vinnie-at-the-pizza-place in the five minutes it takes to pick up our dinner.   For me, it does not come so easily. As a college student, I was the person who sat uneasily at the beginning of class while everyone else (seemingly) chatted away with ease.  While I smiled politely and said hello, my brain would then draw a blank. How could I connect to this person I knew absolutely...

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