Tag: Coping

My War with Words

I am fighting a losing battle, and I know it. I want the English language to stop changing. Well, not completely; I don’t mind adding new words and expressions here and there; I just wish the old ones—and the way we use them—didn’t have to change. I’ll give you an example: When my daughters and I go out for a meal together and our server approaches the table, greeting us with a cheery, “Hi guys!” I feel my blood pressure rise and I have the overwhelming impulse to loudly state what should be obvious:...

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My Problem With Change

I have a problem with change. If something in my life is going to change, I need time to mull it over. I need to envision the change—along with every possible variable, both positive and negative, until I come to the conclusion that the change will ultimately be for the better. And, ideally, the change that’s being made should be MY IDEA. I once arrived at my old job at an art gallery to find that the sales desk had been moved from one side of the main space to the other. It had been near the...

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