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A Journey Continues

About six months ago I wrote a story entitled A Journey Begins.* If you read it you may remember that I lost my temper with a neighbor and had to face the fact that I had some big anger issues. The soul searching that followed made me realize I needed professional help to find out why I was so angry and what I could do to feel less so. I had just begun counseling when I wrote that story; today I’ll share an update on my progress so far. I feel incredibly grateful to have been matched with my counselor,...

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A Journey Begins

I’ve taken a bit of time off from blogging. I hadn’t planned to, but everything I tried to write was sounding negative and slightly angry (instead of amusing and decidedly hopeful: which is what I aim for). I decided the Voice and Vision audience probably didn’t need any “angry,” and my boss agreed, so I took a brief hiatus from my usual bi-weekly articles. I’ve never considered myself to be an angry person, but lately a lot of things have been pushing my buttons, making it increasingly difficult...

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