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We Honor and Remember You

Today we honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military on home or foreign soil for all of us to be safe and free.  These brave soldiers throughout the years and wars paid the ultimate price for you and me.  Remembering their tremendous sacrifice creates a feeling of awe and releases our deepest gratitude. When I think of the soldiers, I also think of their families for their great loss.  Many men in my family served in the military, including my oldest son, a...

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The Importance of Family Involvement

I recently completed an internship with Voice and Vision, which has been such an incredibly insightful and rewarding experience. I had the privilege of working alongside intelligent and compassionate individuals throughout my time with this agency. I acquired more knowledge and perspective about mental health and substance use disorder than I ever thought possible as a first-year intern. The following blog is written to share what I have learned throughout this past year regarding the...

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Things Are Changing

Aunt Ginny and Aunt “Bo”
Things are Changing. Returning to South Philly was never my dream, but living next door to Bill’s aunts, quite unexpectedly, made being here worthwhile. After moving in, I quickly realized that if Bill and I weren’t here, Aunt Ginny and Aunt “Bo” (the nickname Bill gave her because, as a toddler, he couldn’t say “Dolores”) probably wouldn’t be able to continue living independently. Not that the things we do for them are huge or heroic, but we are there for the little day-to-day things—like...

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The 4th in Philly

We raced down the subway steps with only ten minutes to spare. We had to catch a train to City Hall, and then walk to the Ben Franklin Parkway, where we were meeting family for the fireworks display. I couldn’t believe my husband actually agreed to go. The only other time we had gone to see fireworks there had been such a disappointment. It happened in 2011—it was our first 4th of July in Philly after having lived away for more than 20 years while Bill served in the military. We got to the parkway...

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The Girls Next Door

Ginny & Delores
I never planned to live in South Philly again. I lived here for a few years after Bill and I married. It was not a good fit for me, and Bill was ready for a change, too. When he began his military career we were both happy to relocate to a suburban setting. We bought a lawn mower and never looked back. But 25 years passed and Bill’s mother’s health was failing. Time and time again Bill took emergency leave to fly here to be with her as she faced yet another health crisis. My own mom was faring...

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