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Of Doors and Dachshunds

A black and tan dachshund named Basil stole my heart when I was a little girl. So, many years later, when I had the opportunity to adopt a dachshund of my own, I jumped at the chance.  Sammi was also black and tan, with a smooth coat and shiny brown eyes. She came to us when her previous owner realized her life was too busy for a dog, and felt guilty that the poor little gal was stuck in a kennel for way too many hours every day. Being confined as much as Sammi was seemed to have caused some personality...

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8 Great Reasons to Get Back to Reading Books

I love books. I love getting lost in a good story . . . meeting characters I can identify with . . . living out adventures I may never have in real life. It’s hard for me to imagine that not everyone enjoys books the way I do, and that book reading is on the decline. While social media and internet surfing have us spending more overall time reading than we did 10 or 15 years ago, the reading is mostly shallow. As we hop from one post to the next, our brains are kept in a state of constant motion....

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