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We Need a Little Christmas Self-Care

I’m writing to you now from my couch, face aglow in a sun lamp, compelled to reach out to those whose current emotional state may reflect a friend’s Facebook post photo shared this morning: For families with extra caregiving responsibilities—an aging parent, a family member who you are supporting through a substance use or mental health crisis, or a child or adult family member with a disability—or possibly even a combination of more than one of those—December can be a particularly tough...

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Voice and Vision, Inc. Employees Care about their Communities

This time of year is a time many people think about giving to charities.  Some people hope to get a tax break, some give because they feel strongly about the mission of the charity because they have some personal connection, some give because they want to “give back” and hope to make a difference in others’ lives.  Individuals give for different reasons.     From Greater Good Magazine of UC Berkley, they relay 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You* with some research to back...

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