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Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care While Caring For Your Child with Special Needs

Are you a mom caring for a child with special needs? Do you find yourself constantly exhausted? Do you experience bodily aches and pains? Are you feeling burnout or overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. When you are a caregiver to your special needs child, it’s easy to overlook your self-care and put all of your time and energy into their needs—day after day. My healing journey began a few years ago when I realized that I couldn’t be my son’s supportive mom and caregiver if something didn’t...

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The Three M’s That Can Improve Your Health

This blog was written by guest author, Sheila Royce Garcia. See her bio below. During this time, when we have to stay home and isolate, there’s no doubt we feel lonely, stressed, and sometimes unhappy. Our everyday routine of going to work, the gym, or grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend has come to a screeching halt. When this “new” way of living happened for me, I got a little lazy with myself and became less healthy. When we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we can create negative energy that...

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When is a Vitamin Not a Vitamin?

When is a vitamin not a vitamin? When it’s actually a hormone. “Vitamin” D is a hormone our bodies produce in response to sunlight, and it is profoundly important for good health. Like all hormones, vitamin D is essentially a messenger chemical that sends information from one body part to another in order to regulate body processes. If the body’s vitamin D levels are insufficient to send these messages properly, illness is inevitable. Scientists have long known that vitamin D is essential to the...

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