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Accomplishments Fiscal Year 22/23

Voice and Vision is honored to have impacted the lives of thousands of people in Fiscal Year 22/23 through all our programs, a podcast, Help and Hope Guide, and social media. The impact was accomplished through the work of wonderful employees, board members, volunteers, consultants, partners, funders, and donors. Thank you to everyone who makes our work a success! Let’s celebrate each other as we move into Fiscal Year 23/24. Here are a few of the highlights from fiscal year 22/23: Voice...

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Author Shares More Help and Hope™ in Spirituality Webinar

September is National Recovery Month, and today, September 30th, is International Recovery Day. This month and day are set aside to promote, support, and celebrate recovery practices, the recovery community, and the dedicated providers and community members who help make recovery possible. The goal is to remind people in recovery, and those who support them, that no one is alone in the recovery journey. Everyone’s path is unique, and recovery is possible. Accompanying others on their journey,...

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