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Hiring for All Abilities

As the home page of our website boasts, we at Voice and Vision are living proof that labels like mental illness, disabilities, and addictions do not stop us from living out our dreams.  We are advocates for inclusion (check out our blog from earlier this year) and we believe individuals will flourish if we focus on their unique gifts and strengths. That’s why we are highlighting another employer in our blog this week, one whose values are closely aligned with ours.  Perhaps you’ve seen the Father’s...

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A Mindset Of Inclusion

Recently, I had the privilege of attending two events that focused on inclusion for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). The events spanned only three days, but they had a profound effect on me. During that time, my perspective shifted, and I was left with the difficult realization that I have not had an inclusive mindset. In general, society tends to be uncomfortable around individuals with ID, or any kind of disability. Because many have difficulty verbally communicating, gestures...

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