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Ordinary Beauty

Ordinary Beauty, written by guest blogger, Amy Wilson It was a late Tuesday morning as my son and I strolled down the driveway. I say strolled because my son Silas was just learning to walk. He would toddle a few steps, plop down to examine the ground, his fingers lingering over stones embedded in the concrete, wander over to the grass, yank a clump or lean over a wish flower attempting to blow on it (you know the ones, the dandelion seed flowers where as child you would make a wish, breath deeply...

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Slow Down, Enjoy the Ride

Within the past nine months, I received two speeding tickets on the roadway near my home.   It infuriated me, not only because of the hefty fine, but also because they forced me to drive more slowly. Those that know me will tell you that I am a stickler for efficiency, focusing on the quickest way to get things done.   I evaluate the order of how I will do things to make sure that no time is wasted.  I’ll load the laundry into the washer, then pop the chicken in the oven for dinner, then focus...

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