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We Need a Little Christmas Self-Care

I’m writing to you now from my couch, face aglow in a sun lamp, compelled to reach out to those whose current emotional state may reflect a friend’s Facebook post photo shared this morning: For families with extra caregiving responsibilities—an aging parent, a family member who you are supporting through a substance use or mental health crisis, or a child or adult family member with a disability—or possibly even a combination of more than one of those—December can be a particularly tough...

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A Reflection on Happiness and Joy

About two weeks back, I hosted brunch for a few good friends.   All of my girlfriends are beautiful, gifted women, but I want to focus on Nadine today because she is so different from me. She’s Jamaican and I’m a Caucasian American mutt. She’s loud, expressive, and free. I’m reserved, cautious, and hold my emotions in check. She wears flowy dresses, with colorful flowers and wild designs. I like my muted, solid T-shirts and dark blue jeans. When Nadine sets her mind to something, she just does...

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Ordinary Beauty

Ordinary Beauty, written by guest blogger, Amy Wilson It was a late Tuesday morning as my son and I strolled down the driveway. I say strolled because my son Silas was just learning to walk. He would toddle a few steps, plop down to examine the ground, his fingers lingering over stones embedded in the concrete, wander over to the grass, yank a clump or lean over a wish flower attempting to blow on it (you know the ones, the dandelion seed flowers where as child you would make a wish, breath deeply...

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