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Sowing a Lasting Legacy

For the first 4 years of our marriage, my husband and I lived in old farmhouse that was converted into two apartments.  We lived upstairs and our entryway was the original front door.  Neither of us are ‘gardening’ or ‘plant’ people and being in a second-floor apartment kept us happily removed from maintaining the outside.   Each spring, however, we were surprised by the bright, cheerful daffodils that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  We’d get so busy with work and...

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The Drifter: Moment One

Over the next two weeks, we will be publishing a special series called The Drifter, written by our returning guest blogger, Emily Vincent. Enjoy! “Why are you here?” Susan asked me. “Why are we all here? To do our best.” I told her. She gave me the most adorable smile. Who knew someone her age could be so cute. I met her family when I was filling up with gas. Susan seemed to be getting impatient. The family was going to Florida to go to Disney World. I gave Susan a lucky coin I had on me, or so...

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The Color of Kindness is Turquoise

Today’s blog was written by guest blogger, Amy Wilson.     Turquoise is a bluish green color and a prized gemstone. At the age of 18 when I finally got my own room, it was the color I chose to paint my bedroom walls. Some friends that have traveled out West have come back with the colorful gem hanging from a necklace or sitting perched atop a ring. It also happens to be the name of a very kind cashier at Shop Rite. It was a Wednesday morning, and I found myself picking up some items at the...

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Emergency Dance Party!

I found myself waiting in line at a U-Haul store one morning a few days ago. I had emptied a storage space I no longer needed and was waiting to close out my account. I was behind 9 or 10 other people, all waiting to be helped by one of three clerks. Most of the people in line were waiting to rent moving vans and likely had busy days ahead of them. None of us wanted to be wasting time standing in line, but we were being polite, giving each other space, waiting patiently. It was already 85 degrees...

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