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The Good Fruit of Adversity

In seasons of adversity, the pain and indignities suffered can sometimes feel overwhelming and pointless. In the last four years I have faced several hardships that I wasn’t sure I would survive, including the loss of a marriage and the death of a child. But even in these hard trials where nothing makes sense, I have found that God is faithful to use every single one to produce something deeper and sweeter in my life. God often uses the natural aspects of my three-acre property to speak to...

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Settling In and Letting Go

I’m happy to report that my Aunt Bo is getting settled in her new home. To clarify: her body and belongings are settled there, but her heart and mind are still processing the change. This move (into assisted living) is likely to be the last move she’ll make before she leaves this earth, and something about the finality of it has made for a hard adjustment. Her move was planned for February 25th—the day after my birthday. So, after getting home from my birthday dinner, my family went next...

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My War with Words

I am fighting a losing battle, and I know it. I want the English language to stop changing. Well, not completely; I don’t mind adding new words and expressions here and there; I just wish the old ones—and the way we use them—didn’t have to change. I’ll give you an example: When my daughters and I go out for a meal together and our server approaches the table, greeting us with a cheery, “Hi guys!” I feel my blood pressure rise and I have the overwhelming impulse to loudly state what should be obvious:...

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