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Don’t Take it Personally

I was in a group setting last night. We were having a really good time until someone made a statement that offended someone else. A bit of back-and-forth and back-pedaling followed, but the damage had already been done and the one who’d been offended left. I watched helplessly. I understood why the person took offense, but I was so disappointed that she wouldn’t stick around long enough for the accidental offender to explain what she meant. When the offended one left, it felt as though the oxygen...

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The Power of a Peer: How a Friendship is Changing the Way I See Myself

When my daughters were growing up, our family watched a lot of Disney movies. (And I do mean a LOT of Disney movies!) I’ve missed most of the newer ones in these years between children and grandchildren, but I was channel surfing one day when I happened upon Enchanted. It was just starting and it drew me in, so I kept watching. Like many Disney movies, this one includes a prince in its cast of characters. Although this prince is handsome and sings like an angel, he bumbles a bit and is not terribly...

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