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Class Participation: Overcome Your Fear of Speaking Up

I was always the student who dreaded speaking in class.  When the teacher called my name, it felt as though I was under a spotlight as all eyes zeroed in on me.  I remember well the heart palpitations, sweaty palms, the racing thoughts, and blood rushing to my head.  What if I got the answer wrong?  What if everyone thought I was stupid?  I wanted to melt into my seat and disappear. Fear of participating in class is nothing uncommon.  For me, it was a mix of social anxiety and low self-esteem that caused...

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4 Simple Tips to Overcome Your Fear

At College Plus, when we interview potential students, we ask them what they feel their biggest challenge will be in school. Many times they’ll express nervousness about being new and not knowing what to expect in the college environment. When they do confess it, oftentimes sheepishly, I tell the student that it’s very common to feel that way and reassure them that we are there to help them through it. It makes me wonder, though, how many people are stopped right in their tracks when they come...

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College Plus: Instilling Hope for a Brighter Future

I recently had the privilege to hear the inspiring story of Cindy, a woman with a mental illness, who overcame many obstacles in order to earn her college degree.    It made me think back to when I decided to attend college. I was a lost, 17-year-old high school graduate then, working a retail job for which I felt no passion.   I desperately wanted to feel like I had purpose and college offered hope for a brighter future.  Unfortunately, anxiety prevented me from going back to college for over...

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