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People Before Politics

I was reading the nicest book. It was written by a mother who is raising a young son with autism. As you might imagine, her life is challenging—but it is also joyful. And the insights she is gaining by looking at the world through her son’s eyes are enlightening and really beautiful. I found myself liking this lady. I was learning from her, from the experiences she’s having—experiences I will never have. I was underlining statements I thought I might like to quote in my own writing. I was enjoying...

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The Changing Face of Family

My family’s Easter celebration this year was subtly different from last year’s. We welcomed a familiar face to join us once again, but he’s no longer my daughter’s boyfriend. Now he’s her fiancé! I’ve known Matthew for about ten years and I’ve always liked him. He is smart and witty and compassionate and gracious—he is fun to be around. And he is so good to Alexis. I was happy and excited when they announced their plans to marry, and yet something concerned me. Matthew sees the world so differently...

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