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Things Are Changing

Things are Changing. Returning to South Philly was never my dream, but living next door to Bill’s aunts, quite unexpectedly, made being here worthwhile. After moving in, I quickly realized that if Bill and I weren’t here, Aunt Ginny and Aunt “Bo” (the nickname Bill gave her because, as a toddler, he couldn’t say “Dolores”) probably wouldn’t be able to continue living independently. Not that the things we do for them are huge or heroic, but we are there for the little day-to-day things—like...

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The Girls Next Door

I never planned to live in South Philly again. I lived here for a few years after Bill and I married. It was not a good fit for me, and Bill was ready for a change, too. When he began his military career we were both happy to relocate to a suburban setting. We bought a lawn mower and never looked back. But 25 years passed and Bill’s mother’s health was failing. Time and time again Bill took emergency leave to fly here to be with her as she faced yet another health crisis. My own mom was faring...

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Then Bake Me a Cake

I’ve been thinking a lot about a story my mother used to tell me. She told it to me often enough that she must have thought it was important—that it might be of value to me in the future. Although it didn’t involve people she knew personally, she seemed to believe it was a true story. This is how it goes: A woman sat nervously across from her husband as he was drinking his morning coffee. She gathered her courage and quickly said, “I don’t love you anymore.” She watched him intently as she waited...

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