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Just a Bad Day. Not a Bad Life.

I had a crummy day yesterday. Not all of it was crummy, not even most of it was, but by the time I was heading upstairs to get ready for bed, I had convinced myself that it had been entirely crummy and that today would be more of the same. I was convincing myself that crummy, in fact, was going to be my new normal. As I was brushing my teeth, my memory transported me back to another remarkably crummy day which took place about 8 or 9 years ago when my husband and I still lived in Alaska. It was...

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Sleep Well: 12 Tips for Better Sleep

In my last post, If You (Don’t) Snooze, You Lose, I wrote about how important it is to get good sleep and to get enough of it. This week I’m presenting tips to help facilitate that sleep. I’m no expert, and I struggle with sleep like most people do, but I’ve been experimenting with these suggestions and I think they’re helping. I hope they’ll help you, too. 1) First and foremost: make sleep a priority Set a sleep schedule and stick to it—every day of the week. Decide on a bedtime based on the...

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If You (Don’t!) Snooze, You Lose

Sleep. Without enough of it we are drowsy, cranky and inefficient. Our bodies crave sleep like they crave food and water. But there are much bigger reasons why we need to sleep and there are frightening consequences when we don’t get the amount or quality of sleep we need. Why is adequate sleep so important? To keep us emotionally healthy: while we sleep, events of the day are processed and put into perspective. During deep sleep, the subconscious brain essentially functions as a psychotherapist,...

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