Tag: Suicide Prevention

The Role of Peer Support in Suicide Prevention

“Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” CS Lewis  (38 Quotes for People in Recovery, 2023). Confronted with overwhelming circumstances, many people have struggled with depression and thoughts of ending their life. Their life experience, however, can be a brilliant light of hope for others in the midst of darkness. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center welcomes insight from individuals with lived experience. Leah Harris, MA, a suicide attempt survivor...

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A Voice for the Voiceless: A Tale of a Brave Little Knight

In April, as the pandemic was building and the world seemed to be spiraling out of control, our son lost his battle with depression and anxiety and made the decision to end his life. Our family was already going through other difficult issues, and this seemed like just one more challenging blow. I wondered at our resilience and how we could ever recover. By the grace of God, we are healing and doing better than expected. My last interaction with my son was so completely normal that it felt...

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