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The Power of Gratitude in Your Life

November is National Gratitude Month. What is the meaning of Thanksgiving, gratitude, or giving thanks in your life? What does it look like for us today? The simple act of giving thanks can easily be overlooked in a world often bustling with the pursuit of progress and success. However, expressing gratitude is a powerful exercise that can benefit our well-being and the relationships we cherish. At its core, giving thanks is about acknowledging the positive aspects of our lives, big or small....

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Thanksgiving and Praise

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Giving thanks intentionally, collectively, and publicly brings such pleasure.  I was taught to be grateful for all things, even adversity, and some of the circumstances of the past year put that gratitude belief to a test.  Wow – Voice and Vision passed with an A+.  When I reviewed the just released Voice and Vision Fiscal Year 20/21 Annual Report, found here, I was overwhelmed with GRATITUDE for my wonderful co-workers and our volunteers,...

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We Honor and Remember You

Today we honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military on home or foreign soil for all of us to be safe and free.  These brave soldiers throughout the years and wars paid the ultimate price for you and me.  Remembering their tremendous sacrifice creates a feeling of awe and releases our deepest gratitude. When I think of the soldiers, I also think of their families for their great loss.  Many men in my family served in the military, including my oldest son, a...

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