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Second-hand Santa

I love my family’s holiday traditions. What I love most about them is that they aren’t exactly like anyone else’s. When my husband and I started our family, and especially after we moved away with the military, we found ourselves forging new traditions. It wasn’t that we deliberately set out to do things differently than our parents had, but our circumstances—location, resources, interests, and so on—were different than theirs, so adapting the way we celebrated holidays was only natural. First...

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Merry and Bright

The first Christmas living alone in my own apartment, I purchased and decorated a tree the weekend right after Thanksgiving.  I remember the glimmer of the colorful lights as I cozied up on the couch afterward, sipping a cup of hot tea while admiring my handiwork.  I even left the lights of the tree on at night because I liked the magical glow radiating throughout the apartment. I’ve always loved Christmas lights.  As a child, my dad took my siblings and me for a walk down Jackson Street in Philadelphia,...

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Turkey Soup: A Bowlful of Memories

This year, over the course of the 9 days following Thanksgiving, I ate 13 large bowls of homemade turkey soup. I ate it for lunch every day and I also ate it for dinner on the evenings when my husband was at work. I actually would have eaten it a few more times, but I’d already frozen what I didn’t think we’d use quickly and I resisted thawing it by telling myself: enough is enough!  After about the 10th bowl I jokingly told Bill that if he looked over to my side of the bed the following morning...

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